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2012 season shows growing confidence in crop options

Agronomist Paul Parker (left) and Steve Lyon of New South Wales Department of Primary Industries.

A noticeable shift away from wheat by many growers this year in favour of pulses and oilseeds, particularly canola, indicates an increasing capacity for Australian growers to respond more flexibly to market and climate changes

Deep fertiliser placement tackles subsoil constraints

The Black brothers, Jim (left) and Laurie, have witnessed major changes in the soil underlying their northern farming system

Subsoil phosphorus deficiencies identified in long-term research across the northern grain-growing region have spurred a new approach to fertiliser application for the Black family at Brookstead in south-east Queensland.

Nitrogen in 2014

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Nitrogen application can be problematic for growers because of the variables that influence its application and amount. On this program we go through some rules of thumb on nitrogen use both at the beginning and the end of the season.

Blackleg Management Guide Fact Sheet - Western and Southern Regions

image of the first page of the Blackleg Management Guide fact sheet

Blackleg can cause severe yield loss, but can be successfully managed. Use this guide to determine whether you are in a high-risk situation and what practices you can change to reduce or prevent yield loss from blackleg.