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Rotary spading water-repellent soils tested at Binnu

Farme in field walks toward mechanical plough equipment.

Frustrated by poor yields on water-repellent sands, Binnu grain grower Damian Harris turned to spading as a means of improving crop establishment and productivity

Deep fertiliser placement tackles subsoil constraints

The Black brothers, Jim (left) and Laurie, have witnessed major changes in the soil underlying their northern farming system

Subsoil phosphorus deficiencies identified in long-term research across the northern grain-growing region have spurred a new approach to fertiliser application for the Black family at Brookstead in south-east Queensland.


Image of denitrification face sheet

Soil nitrate can be lost through denitrification, a process that can occur when soils are approaching saturation and become depleted in oxygen. Growers can reduce the potential for denitrifi cation in wetter parts of paddocks with five techniques.

Narrow Windrow Burning

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WA grower Doug Smith, offers some advice to people considering narrow windrow burning as a way of controlling the spread of weed seeds during harvest.