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2012 season shows growing confidence in crop options

Agronomist Paul Parker (left) and Steve Lyon of New South Wales Department of Primary Industries.

A noticeable shift away from wheat by many growers this year in favour of pulses and oilseeds, particularly canola, indicates an increasing capacity for Australian growers to respond more flexibly to market and climate changes

‘Precision ag’ lifts farm production to new highs

Variable-rate technology has enabled Kym l'Anson to both even out and lift wheat yields across a mix of soil types

Levelling out production variability with advanced tools and data is at the heart of Kym I’Anson’s farming system

Canola, the Good Oil

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Research is looking for ways to retain health giving components of canola oil during the refining process. Program runs: 4 mins 17 secs

Ryegrass control with RIM

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RIM modelling shows that ryegrass can be controlled in canola/wheat rotations by adding a third control method.