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Workshop ingenuity reins in deep-banding costs

Image of grower John Cameron

For southern Queensland grower John ‘Cowboy’ Cameron the need to minimise the initial, high cost of applying phosphorus deep in the soil has led him to adjust a planter he built in the farm workshop for deep-banding fertiliser.

Development may herald new oilseeds industry


The development of unique safflower varieties with unprecedented levels of industrially useful oleic oil has the potential to usher in a new oilseeds industry.

Phosphine Resistance

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How can growers can ensure grain fumigants will continue in the long term to be effective against grain storage insects? Find out on GRDC Driving Agrononmy

Storage Aeration

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Aerating hot grain is one way to control insect pests in silos. The options explained on GRDC Driving Agronomy.