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Ground Cover is a free bi-monthly newspaper published by the Grains Research and Development Corporation. It provides technical information for grain growers, including updates on research, trials, new varieties, farmer activities and case studies.

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  • Ground Cover Issue 120 Jan Feb 2016

    Ground Cover

    Jock Graham

    Issue Number

    In this issue..

    - Two bread wheat genes identified that have pre-harvesting sprouting resistance
    - Australia leads global effort to break wheat yield ceiling
    - Faba beans find a southern home
    - Profit per hectare - a scale of determination

  • Ground Cover Issue 119: Nov-Dec 2015

    Ground Cover

    Image of grower John Cameron

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    In this issue....
    • Safflower's new oil trade potential
    • Paddock science solves soil puzzle
    • Haymakers meet expanding markets
    • The multiplier effect of collaboration

  • Ground Cover Issue 118: Sept-Oct 2015

    Ground Cover

    Image of grower Stewart Hamilton

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    In this issue....
    • Weed burden wilts under hay enterprise
    • Data harvest - our next agricultural revolution
    • Severe climate swings hastening a move to CTF
    • Enterprise flexibility on the Darling Downs

  • Ground Cover Issue 117: July-August 2015

    Ground Cover

    Farmer in a field with some cows

    Issue Number

    In this issue....
    GRDC Joins major global assault on crop weeds
    Nematode-starving linseed ticks all the boxes
    Spring-sown canola widens HRZ options
    Likely dry finish makes stored moisture a priority

  • Ground Cover Issue 116: May-June 2015

    Ground Cover

    Image of Craig Reynolds

    Issue Number

    In this issue...
    Double croppers warm to maize expansion
    Climate change driving practise change
    Technology enthusiasts look for resilience
    Breakthrough may provide climate-tailored wheat

  • Ground Cover Issue 115: Mar-Apr 2015

    Ground Cover

    Image of a man with prototype bristle crop holders

    Issue Number

    In this issue...
    Dry springs redefining the growing season
    Bristling at his grain losses, Gary invented.... bristles
    Legumes to pump prime wheat performance
    Centre to tackle high cost of fungal diseases

  • Ground Cover Issue 114: Jan-Feb 2015

    Ground Cover

    Image of Jasmin Koric with her partner Jay and his brothers Brad and Travis Collins

    Issue Number

    In this issue...
    Faba bean potential as southern rotation option
    Growers seek reslilence in organic option
    Next generation embraces the future
    Stay-green wheat may weaken drought's grip

  • Ground Cover Issue 113: Nov-Dec 2014

    Ground Cover

    Photo of man and woman crouching in fron of harvester

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    In this issue...
    Robot army of weed killers in training
    Tighter fallow management gives wheat best chance
    Profit analysis steers business towards barley
    Mystery of regional yield variability solved

  • Ground Cover Issue 112: Sept-Oct 2014

    Ground Cover

    Image of a man and some machinery

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    In this issue...
    Ingenuity pushes mainstay crop limits
    Wet start allows time to champion industry's needs
    Canola a tempting scenario for chickpea stalwart
    ‘Zombie’ genes in crop protection discovery

  • Ground Cover Issue 111: July-August 2014

    Ground Cover

    Photo of man kneeling in field

    Issue Number

    In this issue...
    Drainage takes water management to new level
    Weather watch guides sclerotinia spraying
    New varieties and rotations rescue lost potential