Grains Research and Development

Travel Awards

The GRDC has reviewed its investment and process around travel support for grains industry researchers. Support for travel associated with GRDC funded projects is incorporated into individual project specifications. The GRDC is no longer offering a competitive Travel Awards program.

Reporting Requirements for previously approved travel 

Within one month of the traveller’s return, a Final Report must be submitted to the GRDC. The format for the report is available on the GRDC’s website.

As part of the Final Report, individuals/organisations will be required to submit a Form C. The form is a statement of expenditure of the funds certified to be true and correct by a representative of your organisation who is authorised to sign financial statements (the template for this statement can be downloaded from the GRDC’s website).

Once completed, an electronic copy of Final Report including any attachments should be emailed and should include the associated GRDC reference number in the subject of the email. In addition a paper copy should be sent to:

Contracts Coordinator
Grains Research & Development Corporation
PO Box 5367

Failure to meet reporting requirements may impact on future funding opportunities provided by the GRDC.

Payment of Travel Award Funds for previously approved travel

Successful applicants will receive 75% of the approved funding up front upon receipt of a signed contract. The remaining 25% will only be paid once all reporting requirements have been met and approved by the GRDC, including the submission and approval of a Final Report (within one month of the travel completion date) and a Form C.