Grains Research and Development

Travel Awards

GRDC Travel Awards are available to individuals or groups within the Australian grains industry wishing to attend a conference or undertake travel that aligns with the GRDC’s corporate objectives and demonstrates direct benefit to the Australian grains industry. Applicants should highlight both the professional development benefit and the mechanism for dissemination of knowledge to industry.

The GRDC invites and assess Travel Applications twice a year. The application closing date (regardless of the date the proposed travel is to take place) is the first Wednesday of April and the last Wednesday of October in each calendar year.

Applicants will be notified of the decision within six weeks of the application closing date.

Please find below further information to assist in the preparation of applications. If there are any questions or concerns please contact GRDC on (02) 6166 4500 or via email.

Application Guidelines

The GRDC offers financial assistance to individuals or groups within the Australian grains industry wishing to attend a conference or undertake travel that will benefit the Australian grains industry. The GRDC places a high priority on the dissemination and communication of knowledge gained from the experience offered by Travel Awards. It is important to note that travel associated with a current GRDC supported project must be budgeted for in the project and a separate request for travel associated with the work will not be considered.

Any Australian grain growers or groups working directly with growers, who wish to obtain support for a study tour or any other form of travel or training, must submit a GRDC Industry Development Award (IDA) Application. This is because some of the reporting requirements set out in the Travel Award Final Report are not applicable. The IDA Final Report is designed to better capture the learning outcomes of such tours.


To be eligible for a GRDC Travel Award, the applicant must not be eligible for a Grains Industry Development Awards and this travel must not be associated to a current GRDC project.

Any researchers or students (associated with a current GRDC project) who wish to apply for financial assistance to attend a conference or undertake travel should contact the relevant GRDC Program Manager on (02) 6166 4500.

Selection Criteria

The main criteria used in evaluating Travel Applications include:

  • Extent of likely benefit to the Australian grains industry
  • Scope of proposed communication plan and implementation
  • Level of financial support from employing organisation
  • Previous travel grants from GRDC or other organisations
  • Previous travel undertaken
  • Whether the applicant is presenting


Applicants are required to complete the GRDC’s Travel Application form available from the GRDC website.

Once completed, an electronic copy of the application should be emailed. The name of the emailed documents should incorporate the applicant’s name.

In addition, the GRDC also requires a signed paper copy of the application to be submitted. This should be addressed to:

By Post

Contracts Coordinator
Grains Research & Development Corporation
PO Box 5367

By Courier

Contracts Coordinator
Grains Research & Development Corporation
Level 4, East Building,
4 National Circuit,


Please note: No late or out of session applications will be accepted.

Reporting Requirements

Within one month of the traveller’s return, a Final Report must be submitted to the GRDC. The format for the report is available on the GRDC’s website.

As part of the Final Report, individuals/organisations will be required to submit a Form C. The form is a statement of expenditure of the funds certified to be true and correct by a representative of your organisation who is authorised to sign financial statements (the template for this statement can be downloaded from the GRDC’s website).

Once completed, an electronic copy of Final Report including any attachments should be emailed and should include the associated GRDC reference number in the subject of the email. In addition a paper copy should be sent to:

Contracts Coordinator
Grains Research & Development Corporation
PO Box 5367

Failure to meet reporting requirements may impact on future funding opportunities provided by the GRDC.

Payment of Travel Award Funds

Successful applicants will receive 75% of the approved funding up front upon receipt of a signed contract. The remaining 25% will only be paid once all reporting requirements have been met and approved by the GRDC, including the submission and approval of a Final Report (within one month of the travel completion date) and a Form C.