Grains Research and Development

GRDC Southern Regional Panel

Panel ChairGRDC 2015 Southern Region Map

Keith Pengilley - Conara

Panel Members

John Bennett - Lawloit, VIC

Peter Kuhlmann - Mudamuckla, SA

Bill Long - Ardrossan, SA

Michael McLaughlan - Glen Osmond, SA

Jon Midwood - Inverleigh, VIC

Rohan Mott - Ninda, VIC

Rob Sonogan - Swan Hill, VIC

Mark Stanley - Port Lincoln, SA

Kate Wilson - Hopetoun, VIC

Southern Region Characteristics

  • Temperate climate
  • Relatively infertile soils
  • Yield depends upon reliable spring rainfall
  • Smaller enterprise size
  • Diverse production patterns and opportunities
  • Large and diverse domestic market
  • Phase farming innovator
  • Shift in intensive livestock production and demand for feed grains to this

Panel Profiles

Keith Pengilley, GRDC Southern Regional Panel Chair, 2013-15

Keith Pengilley, Chair

Keith is the general manager of a dryland and irrigated family farming operation at Conara in the northern Midlands of Tasmania, operating an 8300 hectare mixed farming operation over four properties. 

He is a Director of Tasmanian Agricultural Producers P/L, a grain accumulation, storage, marketing and export business.

(03) 6384 2184
0448 015 539

Regional Cropping Solutions Networks

Southern Region RCSN

Bringing together a consistent approach to evaluating research priorities with a large network of growers, advisers and researchers across the region has the potential to provide a focused regional portfolio of research, development and extension investments. 

The objectives of the Regional Cropping Solutions Networks are to: 

  1. Create and manage knowledge on grains industry issues. 
  2. Build regional D&E capacity among growers and advisers. 
  3. Proactively respond to regional industry issues in a timely manner. 
  4. Provide enduring links between growers, advisers and the GRDC. 

Four networks have been established in the southern region, each supported by a facilitator. The networks will meet face-to-face up to three times each year. 

Each network will liaise with the wider grower community in their production zone, including convening regional meetings with relevant groups. 

The facilitator provides each network with an effective interface with regional farming systems groups, agribusiness and research and development organisations across the regions. 

While the primary focus of these facilitators will be working with farming systems groups and advisers, their work will also extend into maintaining a regional industry RD&E database of GRDC project activities and results. 

Names of the members of the networks are listed on the GRDC website (